Spotlight on… Kenan Brown Wingfield on balancing his career and passion for boxing

April 23, 2020

For the second part in our spotlight series of talented and interesting people across PIB Group, we’re shining the light on Kenan Brown-Wingfield. Kenan has just started a new role at Q Underwriting as Broker Development Executive and was previously a Sales Executive for Thistle Underwriting, which are both part of PIB Group. Kenan recently made his professional boxing debut after signing a three-year boxing contract under the well-known promoter Carl Greaves.

Tell us what happened in your professional boxing debut, and how did it feel?

I won via second round stoppage. The opponents corner chucked in the towel and retired their fighter at the end of the second round.

It was borderline surreal and I only really remember small segments of the bout! However, it was definitely the most nervous I’ve felt before I’ve walked out. But the nerves quickly disappear as soon as you get into the ring!

How did it feel to win?

It was a dream come true for me. As a little boy I used to play out my perfect debut in my head constantly! It put into perspective that my ethic of consistent hard work will pay off, really does work. The highlight for me was seeing the gleaming smiles of my mum and dad after I had won. To make them proud is an achievement in itself for me.

What have you learnt in the workplace that you apply to your boxing?

In the workplace I have learnt to be self-reliant, especially now working from home!

I’ve transferred this skill into my Boxing career by adopting a “not waiting to be told what to do” attitude. Instead of waiting to be told what to do as part of my training, I would organise my own running and then incorporate changes when told. This meant I was able to fit in extra training sessions which helped to improve my performance.

And vice versa, what have you learnt in boxing that applies to the workplace?

This list could be endless!!! However, the main skills I have learnt from boxing which I apply to work is discipline and self-motivation.

I believe being able to motivate myself has played a big part in my boxing career so far. Having the ability to pick yourself up and keep going when you think you have nothing left, can help set you apart. I believe this has helped me in working career.

How do you apply the same belief of achieving you dreams to developing your career in PIB? 

I want to be successful in whatever I put my hand to, and I believe you only get out what you put in. I always apply the same working ethics as I do in my boxing career to my work and everyday life. Boxing can be a short-lived career and it only takes one punch to put your career to an end. Therefore, I know I need to be just as successful in my working career and by applying the same principles of self-motivation, discipline, perseverance and good work ethic.

What learning and development opportunities have you tapped into at PIB that have helped in your Boxing?

I recently completed a course in communication skills , which was really beneficial for myself personally, and also for my new role at Q Underwriting. A large proportion of my job is speaking to people and being able to communicate well is essential. I have been able to also transfer this into my boxing life as I’m now able to speak more effectively with my Boxing coach, as well as my nutritionist and strength and conditioning coach. I feel able to express my opinions more clearly and positively.

Anything you’d like to add?

I would love to inspire someone from reading my story to go out there and follow their dreams! This has been a dream of my since I was 11 years old. It’s proof that with hard work and determination anyone can achieve their dreams.

Kenan’s story follows on from Matt Howes, who recently joined PIB as our new Group Head of Claims. For more information about PIB Group, visit our website at