Our acquisitions

Our strategy is to deliver significant organic and acquisitive growth, and PIB targets specialist businesses that are highly focused on their niche and with great leadership.

Acquisition strategy

We are looking to invest in specialist businesses, which are ‘famous for something’, or businesses which offer a regional consolidation opportunity to build scale in their country or region. But most importantly, we are looking for businesses where we can see strong cultural alignment and whose owners are keen to buy into the PIB ethos of collaboration and integration.

You will find that we are open and honest in terms of what an acquisition will mean for day to day life. During the process we discuss with you any changes we might want to make. We are looking for people and businesses we can invest in to help drive growth, and so we look to build on what is already there, but we cannot promise there will be no change. We integrate the businesses we buy so we can make the enlarged business stronger.

Integration is not about cost. Integration is about freeing our leaders and client facing teams from the distractions that can often get in the way of growing a business and focusing on winning new clients and providing them all with incredible levels of service. We often find that this approach invigorates new businesses into the Group driving new levels of growth, particularly given the added benefits of access to a much wider array of products and services that are available.

Our acquisition process

Click on the video to find out more about the four steps in our acquisition process.