Spotlight on Karimah Burrows settling at PIB and learning to play the ivories

March 17, 2021

Meet Karimah Burrows, Group Risk Coordinator for PIB Employee Benefits. She shares more on looking forward to being part of the PIB journey and how she has been learning to play the piano in an unusual way.

Tell us a bit about yourself… 

I am 26, and grew up in South London with my parents and older brother. I went to university in Leicester and studied Criminology and Psychology, which is a bit different to what I’m doing now. Leicester is where my love for beer was born, after working at Leicester Football Club as a kiosk staff! After that I started working full time, processing dividends which I did for a few years. I then started my risk journey and completed my CII Group Risks (GR1) and a few years after that I came to PIB. I love to travel, Barbados being my most popular destination which I try to get to once a year. Since that is rarely an option, lately I have been spending a lot of time in the kitchen, creating new dishes to fit my new reduced meat & gluten free lifestyle. 

What attracted you to PIB as a career destination?

When I did my research about PIB, I read a lot about the acquisitions that were happening which I found intriguing. To me that meant there was lot of growth going on and opportunities as well as chances for the business to really put themselves in the forefront of the market. I felt it was a really good time to be with the company and be part of the journey and that growth. 

How is life so far at PIB?

I was a bit nervous starting a job during lockdown, but it was actually really good and I had nothing to be worried about. Now I am almost a year in and I feel very lucky to be part of a thriving, caring business. My colleagues are warm and funny and so helpful, can’t ask for anything more! 

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself?

I’ve been learning to play the piano via an app. The app works by listening to your keys and rhythm and letting you know when you need to slow down, or speed up! It also follows your notes and lets you know if you’re playing the right key. So far I’ve learnt a few songs which has been good, the hardest being Bourreé, which I’m nowhere near mastering yet!

I previously knew nothing about music or reading music, and I’ve never paid so much for an app in my life! But now I have actually learnt quite a bit so it’s definitely working, money well spent!

What is your biggest achievement?

I graduated university at age 20. I was moved up a year in school so I actually started uni a year earlier than most.  Graduating university was a big achievement in general, thinking back to the many hours spent in the library without sleep – I didn’t think I would make it! 

What is your best piece of careers advice?

Do something you love and you’re passionate about. I really like working with people and helping them which is why I like the world of employee benefits. 

How do you relax outside of work?

I like to do yoga, watch films, go out with friends and spend time with my family! I installed artificial grass in my back yard, it has been very relaxing as I feel like I am in nature again and I enjoy being able to do my yoga outdoors. Lately I am gaining a passion for interior design, I spend a lot of my time finding new ways to spruce up my home space or repurpose something that no one else wants. And its also teaching me how to be thrifty which is never a bad thing!

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