Spotlight on Heather Burchell... celebrating 30 years at CMR Insurance Services

September 29, 2021

Congratulations to Heather Burchell who is celebrating her 30-year work anniversary at CMR Insurance this year since joining as the first full-time employee in 1991! 

So what has changed or stayed the same in this time? In this story, Heather shares some of the highlights of working at CMR and how it feels to be part of the evolution of the business through to being part of PIB Group. This includes learning on the job and enjoying a variety of roles from an administrator through to Sales Account Manager, as well as building relationships with customers and colleagues. Over to you Heather!

Tell us about your career to date?

Although I have always worked in insurance, the last 30 years have been with CMR. Like most people I fell into trade credit insurance not knowing what it was. I joined Chris and Kim Hoy as the first full time employee, almost one year to the day of CMR commencing trading back in 1990. My role was extensive and very early on often included joining customer visits and therefore I learnt very quickly on the job.

How has your role evolved along with CMR?

My role evolved as the company grew and has included the positions of administrator, claims and debt collector, accounts, office manager and finally sales account manager for new business and renewals, which is my current role and has been for the past 6 years.

Which parts of your role do you enjoy the most?

I really enjoy the customer relationship element of my job and always have done in any of the roles I have undertaken. Building up relationships and learning about my client’s businesses is varied and interesting and helps to increase customer retention and loyalty.

How do you feel when you look back?

I am immensely proud of having worked for CMR for 30 years and of my contribution to creating the business to become a viable proposition for PIB Group to acquire. 

What has changed or stayed the same over the years?

Being a small business CMR has always had a family and supportive atmosphere, and the people employed have been of the same mindset and stay for long periods of employment.
Being part of a small company, I have always been made to feel part of the growth and expansion and feel proud of CMR achieving 31 years in business. PIB, although much larger and corporate, seems to have the same core values and that has been very reassuring.

How about the credit insurance industry?

The credit insurance industry is not the most innovative of insurances but is highly influenced by the economic position of both the UK and countries worldwide. So, in that respect, risk is ever changing and challenging.

Best piece of careers advice you’ve been given or would give?

The best piece of careers advice I have been given is that there are usually two options to difficult questions or issues. Nearly always the best one to choose is the most difficult one for you personally to tackle. 

Looking ahead, what’s next for you?

Having grown up, lived and worked in Wallington, Surrey all my life I made a move 2 months ago and have now located to Chippenham in Wiltshire which has been a special place to me for the last 10 years or so. Moving to Chippenham will be a new chapter in my life which is both exciting and a little daunting, but I’m sure will give me a new zest for life. Outside of work I enjoy live music events, something I have missed hugely over the past 18 months or so, watching rugby and socialising with friends and family.

Congratulation again and happy 30-year work anniversary Heather! 

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