Spotlight on… Fran Puddick on teaching English overseas and working in the digital world

July 21, 2021

Meet Fran Puddick, Content Editor in the Web Development team at PIB Group. Whilst Fran has some great experience in the world of digital, her career actually began when she started out teaching English overseas. Her background and experiences have helped shape who she is today and provided her with some great language skills including speaking Japanese and British Sign Language. 

Read on to hear more life as one of seven children, taking up running and feeling grateful in 2021. 

How did you choose your current profession?

It was a bit of an accident really. I used to teach English as a second language and worked overseas after University. When I came back, I was looking for a role and ended up temping for a Local Education Authorityand because I’d been working on a website for a school I worked at, this led to me being seconded onto a digital comms project.

From there, it was natural to keep working on digital projects and I’ve been doing it for over 18 years now. Building and optimising websites, launching intranets, writing digital copy, developing campaigns: I love it! I feel very lucky to have been working in a field which has grown and changed so much in the last couple of decades.

I’ve led multi-disciplinary marketing teams for the last seven years so my role been much more generalised in what I’ve been doing. But digital is the thing I really love, because when it’s done right, it’s great, it can and should make life easier for everyone. The internet has been a great leveller and makes the world accessible for so many people who have previously been excluded. 

What attracted you to PIB as a career destination?

I wanted to do a good job for good people, basically. And I’d heard good things about PIB as an employer. The last twelve months has shown how important it is that you enjoy as much of your home and working life as possible and that the two complement one another. The job itself was right up my street, especially because it was a brand-new position.

The rate of growth at PIB means there will be lots of opportunity and I’ve been really impressed with what I’ve seen so far. 

What does your role entail?

I’m the Content Editor for the Group Web Development team. I work with our developers and the various businesses across the Group to ensure our websites are up to date, easy to use and hopefully, lead to more leads, enquiries and sales. On a day-to-day basis, I’ll use any one of our content management systems to publish new copy, fix things and provide first line help to marketing teams across the Group.  

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself? 

I taught English overseas which was a great experience. I taught and lived in Japan for over a year, and have taught in Madrid. I also had a contract to each in a Summer School at Cardiff Uni, of all places! I’ve always been interested in languages and can ‘speak’ British Sign Language, as my older brother is deaf, and I also studied French at uni. My Japanese is pretty rusty though.
I’m also one of 7 siblings... I have 5 brothers and one sister. People often find that a bit mind-boggling! 

Biggest achievement? 

If you’d asked me this 12 months ago, it would’ve been a professional award or a promotion or something. But now, it’s coming out of 2020 feeling good, having my family and friends happy and healthy. Basic? Maybe, but I still consider it a huge achievement and I feel very fortunate.

What is your best piece of careers advice you’ve been given, or you would give?

“If not you, then who?” I think about this all the time. 

How do you relax outside of work?

I’m a total lockdown cliché, but I started running last year. I always said I couldn’t run unless it was to chase a ball and whilst I wouldn’t say I enjoy it, it works for me, which has been a surprise. I used to play both hockey and netball and am looking forward to returning to both of those when team sports start up again; though I’m not sure I’d be able to catch or trap a ball after such a long break!

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