Spotlight on Daisy Noakes... and helping to integrate new businesses acquired by PIB

February 23, 2021

Meet Daisy Noakes, who is an Integration Manager at PIB Group which means she’s kept on her toes with PIB’s rapid acquisitive growth and works closely with many of the new businesses to the Group! Daisy tells us more about why she chose PIB as a career destination and her interests outside of work. Over to you Daisy…

Tell us a bit about yourself? 

My background is working in insurance. I started AXA when I was 18 not knowing what I really wanted to do. I moved around the business in various roles and progressed into management. My previous role was as a Project Manager at AXA Health & prior to that I was a Senior Customer Service Team Manager in the contact centre. 

What attracted you to PIB as a career destination?

I was attracted to PIB as the projects sounded interesting & exciting and different to what I had been used to. 

What does your new role entail?

As an Integration Manager I work with lots of different people from across PIB as well the companies acquired by PIB to help integrate them successfully into the Group. I really enjoy meeting lots of different people from all over the world!

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself? 

I recently got a cavapoo puppy, called Ronnie! 

What is your best piece of careers advice you’ve been given, or you would give?

Never sit and struggle to understand, don’t be afraid to say if you don’t understand. Ask lots of questions!

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