Spotlight on Colin Sanders… life at PIB Insurance Brokers as a business Development Manager

24 March, 2022

Meet Colin Sanders, Business Development Manager for PIB Insurance Brokers in London. He shares insight into his career journey that has led him to PIB. Plus, his interests and achievements outside of work, including running a marathon in four hours. 

Tell us a bit about yourself? 

My career began as a 16 year old in banking in the City of London before I relocated with the bank to Birmingham. My first entry into trade credit came when I joined a major electrical wholesaler as a Junior Credit Controller and then joined a small bespoke credit reference agency (CRA). From there I join another CRA where I eventually become a director and owner of the business some years later.
I then enjoyed  working as a consultant for a couple of years and then joining PIB which was an opportunity I couldn’t resist!

What attracted you to PIB as a career destination?

I was very familiar with many of the established brokers, having worked alongside several of these over the course of 20 years but in PIB I saw something different. A more vibrant and agile business that put the customer first. 

And how is life so far at PIB… 

Life at PIB is great!. It says a lot about the business when so many people are there to help and support. 

Biggest achievement? 

Personally, it would have to be running a marathon in under four hours. It started off with a bit of occasional jogging but turned into an obsession. Increasing to 10K’s, half marathons and then eventually being persuaded into doing a marathon. 

On the professional side, I was very proud in becoming MD of my own business. When you are a small business, you are responsible for everything. I did this for 15 years and was very proud of the reputation it gained.

What is your best piece of careers advice you’ve been given, or you would give?

Never have regrets. If an opportunity arises, do it! 

How do you relax outside of work?

Although I’m not very good, I love my golf. Good exercise, beautiful landscapes, what more could you want? Other than that, I think I’ve turned into my father as I like gardening and DIY. 

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