PIB Group backs efforts by colleagues in Poland who are supporting refugees from Ukraine

February 28, 2022

PIB is keen to actively support humanitarian efforts and aid for refugees impacted by the crisis in Ukraine. Already, colleagues in Poland are providing support to refugees from Ukraine and PIB has pledged an immediate donation to back their efforts.

Our teams in Poland have been spearheading local fundraising and action planning, and have been organising basic necessities for refugees arriving from Ukraine. These include food, food for children, clothes, bedding and towels - all of which have been organised on the initiative of our employees. The first transport has already gone to the border of Medyka on Sunday. They are also organising accommodation for people who will come or have already come to Poland, as well as planning more activities with the aim of involving the insurance market locally.

PIB has pledged an immediate donation in support of the tremendous efforts being made by our colleagues. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will provide as much support as possible for our people in Poland as they extend their strength, love and compassion to refugees in their local communities. Further updates will be provided here on PIB’s website and social media channels.