Taking ownership of our green agenda

Sustainability and improving the environmental outlook are high on the world agenda. A lot of thought has gone into what more PIB can do to manage our impact on the environment in a responsible way.

Green world

Taking ownership of our green agenda

Championing best practice at all levels

From the individual actions that our colleagues take every day through to installing the right facilities across our premises, there are many measures in place to help reduce PIB’s carbon footprint.

Everyone is accountable and in the spirit of collaboration, our policy has been shaped by the support of a diverse team of business representatives. They play a crucial role in regularly reviewing what’s in place as well as championing and embedding positive eco-friendly practices for the long-term.

So what’s in place?

Some of the eco-friendly measures that are regularly reviewed include:

       Reducing natural resource consumption and emissions

       Waste management and reduction

       Encouraging minimal business travel and commuting

       Using vehicles that have minimal impact on the environment

       Reducing all paper consumption

       Recycling and responsible disposal of office products

       Cycle racks and Vehicle Electrical Charging points (where the landlord has allowed)

It’s important that our standards are upheld in all aspects of our operations and who we work with. So environmentally friendly credentials are one of the key factors considered when searching for new commercial premises or choosing suppliers as far as possible. We also welcome the opportunity to identify and suggest positive actions to our clients.